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xGPS Manager is a must-have tool for iPhone owners
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xGPS Manager is a must-have tool for iPhone owners. It is a desktop application that talks nice to iPhone application xGPS, which is a maps and navigation tool for iPhones. This desktop application allows you to carry out certain tasks that are harder to do on iPhone.

For example, you can manage your maps in the desktop application and sync them with the iPhone app. Managing maps allows you to download maps so that you can check them up on your iPhone while you are offline. That is perhaps the most important feature xGPS has to offer. Also, there is an option for managing routes, which allows you create or delete routes and store them on your iPhone as well. Those routes will be accessible offline, too. You can't create a route on the iPhone without an Internet connection, so it is wise to create those beforehand to be sure. If you use the iPhone application a lot, you will be able to track the movements of your iPhone and, thus, your movements on a Google map. xGPS tracks your movements (you can disable this feature) and stores them in files that are known as GPX traces. As a heavy-duty iPhone user, I can tell you that this is tool is mandatory if you need offline maps on your device.

José Fernández
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  • Offline mode support
  • Well-refined application
  • Fast
  • Map download
  • GPX Tracing


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